SKB ATA Keyboard Case - 1SKB-5014W (76-Note)

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SKB ATA Keyboard Case - 1SKB-5014W (76-Note) (SKB-1SKB-5014W)

SKB ATA Keyboard Case - 1SKB-5014W (76-Note)

[Gulidwater Note: This item ships directly from the manufacturer -- SKB -- in Anaheim, California. Their handling-time prior to shipment is generally about 1 to 3 business days. Please bear this in mind when ordering.]

The 1SKB-5014W 76-note keyboard case has been designed to accommodate TSA accepted and recognized locking latches. The TSA locking latch allows the traveler to securely lock their case and still allows for necessary security inspections and re-locking of the case when traveling. The patented corner cleat design holds the keyboard in place on an indestructible hook and loop fastener surface. The foam in the top of the lid adds additional support to the keyboard while in transit. Exterior bumpers protect the valance and hardware from impact damage.


  • Meets ATA Cat 1 specs as airline shipping container
  • Includes TSA Locking Latches
  • Patented corner cleat design
  • Exterior bumpers protect valance and hardware
  • Built-in wheels


Interior Length
50.50 in
128.27 cm
Interior Width
16.00 in
40.64 cm
Interior Depth
4.75 in
12.07 cm
Exterior Length
54.25 in
137.80 cm
Exterior Width
19.25 in
48.90 cm
Exterior Depth
8.25 in
20.96 cm
Carton Length
55.00 in
139.70 cm
Carton Width
19.50 in
49.53 cm
Carton Depth
8.50 in
21.59 cm
Shipping Weight
26.80 lb
12.16 kg
Product Weight
23.80 lb
10.80 kg

Note: Interior dimensions are measured with all 4 cleats installed.