Earthworks QTC50MP Condenser Microphones (Matched Pair)

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Earthworks QTC50MP Condenser Microphones (Matched Pair)

Earthworks QTC50

50kHz Omni Recording Microphone

This product is also available as part of the Earthworks DK50/R DrumKit Package or as a Single Unit.

Ultra wideband, low noise omnidirectional recording microphone for quiet sources

  • 3Hz – 50kHz flat frequency response

  • Omnidirectional polar pattern

  • Handles up to 138dB SPL without distortion  


Delivering sound so detailed and real, the QTC50 brings recordings to life and delivers a truly accurate snapshot of your sound.

Its near-perfect omnidirectional polar pattern is uniform across all specified frequencies, letting the microphone capture rich and consistent detail at any position around the capsule.

With an extended 3Hz – 50kHz ruler-flat frequency response (with no frequencies exaggerated or attenuated) the result is a more accurate representation of the original sound.

The QTC50 is time coherent, precisely capturing high and low frequency sounds with no phase errors, which will smear transients and create other time related distortions.

With an SPL rating of 138dB the QTC50 has plenty of headroom, so there is no need to worry about the microphone distorting. And there is no proximity effect, you can get the QTC40 as close as you want to the sound source.

Ideal for for recording quieter sources such as vocals, strings and distant miked orchestras or choirs, these low noise omnis are also an excellent choice for drum overheads, close-miked wind and percussion instruments, and foley.

  • Captures sounds with incredible precision
  • With a frequency response to 50kHz and excellent impulse response
  • Intended for detailed sources
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern
  • Flat frequency response, fast impulse response and exceptional polar characteristics
  • Accurate and uncolored
  • Handles sound levels up to 138dB with no proximity effect or handling noise