EarthQuaker Patch & Pin

EQD Fall 2018 Patch & Pin Promo
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Buy a qualifying product and get a free patch & pin! Got a sweet denim jacket? Put a patch & pin on it! Purchase your new qualifying product from an authorized dealer -- such as Guildwater Gear -- and then submit your information to get your free patch & pin. You can either fill out your form online, or download this printable form to mail off to EQD World Headquarters in Akron, Ohio. Either way, you will soon be sporting your new EQD Patch and Pin. You will be envy of the universe. You must purchase and submit your information by November 30th, 2018 to qualify! 

Qualifying Products Include: Afterneath, Arpanoid, Avalanche Run, Bit Commander, Cloven Hoof, Data Corrupter, The Depths, Dunes, Ghost Echo, Grand Orbiter, Gray Channel, Hoof, Hoof Reaper, Interstellar Orbiter, Levitation, Night Wire, Organizer, Palisades, Park Fuzz, Pitch Bay, Pyramids, Rainbow Machine, Sea Machine, Space Spiral, Spatial Delivery, Spires, Talons, Transmisser, The Warden, and Westwood.