Denon PMD570 Professional Solid-State Recorder

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Denon PMD570 Professional Solid-State Recorder (Denon-PMD570)

Denon PMD570 Professional Solid-State Recorder

A pro-level replacement for CD and cassette recorders. Features direct-to-CF recording, MP3/MP2/WAV/BWF compatibility, One Touch recording, RS232C control capability, XLR line in's with trim control, RCA in/out, S/PDIF in/out, optical in/out, and more.

  • Record Directly to Compact Flash Cards
  • RS-232c Control of Functions
  • Easy One Touch Record
  • No Moving Parts
  • MP3, MP2, WAV, and BWF Format Compatible
  • Ovwe 40 Assignable Quality Setting
  • Security for Media(Door)
  • 16-48 kHz Sample Rate Selections
  • Stable storage media with no moving parts
  • Mono and stereo recording
  • One touch record button
  • Multiple file format support includes MP2, MP3, WAV and BWF with 40 quality settings
  • Program-appropriate selection of sample and bit rates conserves card capacity, increased recording time at lower resolutions
  • Proprietary PMDEdit file management and editing software available for PC
  • Over 50 hrs. of storage on single 700 MB CD-R,
  • SPDIF digital input and output
  • Locking security door for card slot

The PMD570 is a rackmount 2-channel digital recorder housed in a handsome black and burnished silver chassis, that records to plentiful and inexpensive Compact Flash cards and Microdrives as the storage media of choice.

The PMD570 utilizes a variety of user selectable and program-appropriate compression types, conserving the amazing storage capacity of the CF cards, and supports a variety of file formats. The onboard computer I/O connector facilitates quick and direct computer transfers, for archiving and editing, and the PC-only PMDEdit software is available from Marantz for seamless file management.

Tne analog connectors of the PMD570 include both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA, and a coaxial SPDIF digital I/O is also available for transfer to other types of digital recorders or workstations. An installation-friendly RS232C control port is standard with this unit, as well.

The PMD570 is a stable and innovative solution for conference, lecture and house of worship speech recording, equally at home in the boardroom or the control room.