Audix M1255BHC Condenser Microphone

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Audix M1255BHC Condenser Microphone (Hypercardioid) (Audix-M1255BHC)

Audix M1255BHC Condenser Microphone (Hypercardioid)

Miniaturized high output condenser microphone for distance miking. RFI Immunity.

The M1255BHC is a miniaturized condenser microphone with a fully integrated preamp, detachable cable and is designed with very high sensitivity for distance miking. Applications include ceiling mount or table mount for conferencing, hanging choir miking, location recording, audience or room miking. The M1255BHC has complete immunity from RF interference caused by cell phones and GSM devices. The M1255BHC is equipped with a hypercardioid capsule and is also available with cardioid, omni or shotgun (supercardioid) capsules. The microphone has the unique ability to be used in a wide variety of live, studio and broadcast applications. The M1255BHC is available with a wide array of clips and accessories for musical instruments, overhead stage miking, podiums, conferences and presentations. It is available in either black or white finish.


  • Small, lightweight, low profile
  • Miniaturized preamp circuitry
  • No external power adapter needed
  • 12 mm gold vapor diaphragm
  • Immune to RF interference
  • Extremely low noise, high SPL handling
  • Designed, assembled, manufactured &
  • tested in the USA
  • 3 year warranty


  • Speech, Podium, Presentation
  • Overhead mic for choir, group vocals
  • Acoustic instruments
  • Ambient room miking
  • Vocal ensembles
  • Cymbals, Percussion




Polar Pattern


Frequency Response

50 Hz - 19 kHz


150 Ohms


38 mV (C), 32mV (HC), 40 mV (O), 60 mV (S) / Pa @ 1jk


The M1255B is designed with extremely high sensitivity. This, in conjunction with very low noise electronics, allows it to be used as a distance microphone either overhead or on a table. The M1255B is particularly effective in situations where achieving the proper gain is a challenge, either because the mic mixer has limited gain or the strength of the sound source. Cardioid: With its small size, the M1255B can also be used in hard to reach areas, such as beneath cymbals. For orchestral instruments, the M1255B may be positioned anywhere from 3 - 12 inches depending on instrument and room acoustics. For speech or single voice, the typical working distance is 8 - 10 inches. For area miking or group vocals the working distance can be between 2 - 6 feet from the sound source. Hypercardioid: In situations where the volume is loud on stage or there are many open microphones, this pattern is helpful in further isolating the instrument or vocal from the rest of the instruments on stage. The microphone can be worked at ½ the distance of cardioid if necessary. Supercardioid: This pattern is a preference for podium applications. It is helpful in pin-pointing hard to reach areas, especially for recording outdoors and with video. Omnidirectional: This pattern offers the most accurate and natural sound reproduction of all the patterns. It is ideal for recording, live broadcasts or video where sound reinforcement speakers are not an issue. Not recommended for conferencing applications.

Miniaturized Condenser Microphones

With the creation of The Micros™, Audix redefined miniaturized condenser technology. Inspired by the possibilities of the highest performance in the smallest of size, Audix undertook a monumental task by using the proven circuit of our award winning SCX Series and microphone topology to design the world’s smallest fully integrated condenser mic. With fully imbedded electronics, The Micros™ offer a balanced signal, detachable cable, very low self-noise, high dynamic range and RF immunity. The end result is phenomenal sound.

The Micros™ feature a tailored frequency response and three application specific levels of sensitivity: the standard output M1250B, the lower output M44 for drum miking and high output M1255B for distance miking. The M1280B offers the widest frequency range of the all The Micros™ and is best suited for field recording and musical instrument miking.

The MicroBoom™ is a portable, lightweight carbon fiber boom arm available in three lengths that utilizes either the M1250B or M1255B. It has virtually revolutionized choir miking by offering an alternative to hanging choir mics and providing much needed portability for schools and churches. The versatility of The Micros™ series is further demonstrated by our MicroPod™ Series of gooseneck mics, offering three sizes of gooseneck utilizing the detachable M1250B.

Aside from orchestral and musical applications, The Micros™ are problem solvers for a wide variety of system integration including Corporate AV, distance learning, Houses of Worship, courtrooms and hospitals. Installations include: US Embassies, Lockheed Martin, University of North Carolina, New York Law School, T. Rowe Price, DLA Piper, Fidelity Investments, Quest, Kroger’s.